Betboom Dacha Dubai 2024 Event: Team Liquid Won.

Betboom Dacha Dubai 2024 Event: Team Liquid Won.

At the BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 event, Team Liquid beat Gaimin Gladiators in their match, giving them their first win of the school year.

Betboom Dacha Dubai 2024 Event: After the TI12 Clash, sweetness comes back.

They hadn’t played against each other since TI12, when Gaimin removed Liquid in the top six. BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 was the first time they had played against each other since then. This was the start of the fierce competition between the two teams. Over the course of three and a half months, Liquid finally got what they wanted: revenge.

Betboom Dacha Dubai 2024 Event: The first game is Nisha’s Sniper Show.

MichaƂ “Nisha” Jankowski’s great play, which won him the BetBoom Dacha Dubai 1v1 Solo Tournament, was the start of the series for Team Liquid. It was truly amazing how well they did. Because Nisha picked Sniper as her last card and Io and Marci worked well together, Liquid got an early advantage over their opponents. They were able to win the first game very quickly because they executed their plan perfectly. This left the Gaimin Gladiators with no path to victory.

Betboom Dacha Dubai 2024 Event: Gaimin wins Game 2 after coming back from behind.

Gaimin Gladiators made a comeback at the start of the second game by drafting a team based around Alchemists that had great tools for team fights. While Tusk and Slardar put down strong lockdowns, Enigma and Queen of Pain were very strong in team fights. Gaimin took control of Nisha’s Arc Warden, which kept the game from going to a 0-2 loss and kept things the same.

Liquid’s Victory in the Third Game

Team Liquid won The Alchemist in the third game, which was very important and decided the winner. They were able to keep Gaimin under pressure by using powers that had short cooldowns with him. Gaimin tried to use a Sven to go back to their strategy from game two, but Liquid’s Tiny and lead Windranger was still able to keep the game under control. Team Liquid beat Gaimin Gladiators in 2024 for the first time after using stronger initiation tools. This helped them move up to the top four of the BetBoom Dacha 2024 tournament.

How the prize pool is split up

The prize pool for BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 is very appealing. It includes the following:

  • For first place, you get $400,000.
  • Second place: $200,000
  • Third place: $100,000
  • For fourth place, you get $60,000
  • The Gaimin Gladiators gave out $45,000 for fifth and sixth place.
  • $75,000 to LGD Gaming and Xtreme Gaming for coming in seventh and eighth.
  • Aurora Gaming,, OG, and Nouns will each get $20,000. First through twelfth place will get nothing.

What Comes Next?

As the day goes on in Dubai, Azure Ray and Team Spirit are getting ready for a tough match in the quarterfinals of the lower group. Please keep coming back to Gosu Gamers for more information about the NIAGASLOT Dacha Dubai 2024 competition.